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The security of a building and the safety of the people living and working within it are of the utmost importance to any organisation. Our range of systems offer the latest innovations in access control technology, including:

Keypad - Access through doors is by means of a digital keypad and electric lock release. The use of a separate controller ensures that no amount of tampering with the keypad will undermine the system's security. For convenience the system is programmed from the keypad and offers a wide range of useful functions.

Proximity detection Entrance is gained into the building using a pre-coded keyfob device which is simply presented to within 10cm of the control plate for the reader to access the stored code and open door. The keyfobs are easily programmed onto / deleted off the system, and the lack of moving parts provides greater security against vandalism.

Magnetic swipe The core of our magnetic swipe card business is with hotel door access, we install an integrated magnetic card reader and electronic mortice lock unit onto a hotel room door. A swipe card programmer is located in reception, the receptionist programes the card, using a magnetic strip, to the specific room, the room lock then identifies the card using a magnetic reader. This system provides a lot of value as the cards are very cheap to replace if lost.

Smartcard A similar model to the magnetic swipe card but with this system the information is stored on a microchip embedded within the card. Smartcards are slightly more expensive than magnetic swipe but the cards are less liable to have their code corrupted during extensive use.

Biometrics The cutting edge of access control, this technology uses fingerprint analysis to gain access to a room or building.

Whether you are a hotel looking to fit keycard locks to your rooms or a business wanting to add an improved level of security, using the latest technology, advanced installation techniques and full consultation throughout the project life we can provide a bespoke yet flexible solution for your needs.

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