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An accepted part of everyday life, Closed Circuit Television gives the client the ability to view, and more importantly record events as they happen. Whether installed in communal living spaces, retail outlets or leisure facilities, Commercial Technical Services can enhance security and surveillance to the highest standards.

Using a dedicated network of cameras over single or multiple sites it is possible to monitor, record and control activity from a central location. Also, it is possible to integrate the camera network into the TV distribution network, which enables residents to view CCTV pictures on their own TV's. The benefits of installing a CCTV system include - reduced theft and improved chance of conviction if it does occur, fewer requirements for expensive guard services, lower insurance premiums and increased peace of mind for residents.

Components of a CCTV system Cameras The decision as to which type of camera to use depends on its location environment and the type of subject being monitored:

  • Mono Best suited to poor light conditions, enabling increased image definition.
  • Colour Best suited to good light conditions (daytime or indoor) where image clarity is important.
  • Lenses There are a wide variety of lenses to choose from with wide angle and zoom capability for distant objects or wide views.
  • Cameras There are Dome, Covert, Fixed, - Pan, Tilt & Zoom (PTZ), all have their particular uses for specific situations.

Control Systems Known as multiplexers and matrix units, this equipment combines the input from several cameras to provide individual or multiple viewing. In the case of motorized Pan, Tilt and Zoom cameras, the equipment enables the operator to control the camera while viewing the monitor.

Recorders This device provides evidence of when and where an incident occurred and what has actually happened. There are a wide variety of products which can record the information but they are split into two main types cassette tape recorders using analogue storage and digital video recorders which use a hard drive similar to those found in personal computers.

Monitors A monitor display's the views from a range of cameras and are specific to CCTV installations. They range from low resolution mono to high resolution colour.

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