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IRS - Integrated Reception Systems (TV)

IRS systems are the most commonly installed TV systems within multi-dwelling property developments, where planning stipulates only one aerial and two dishes can be installed on the property. The IRS system is aimed at being a full digital reception system allowing residents to watch analogue and digital terrestrial television (Freeview), satellite channels (Sky digital) and it will also allow residents to receive FM and DAB (Digital Audio Band) radio. More

MATV - Master Antenna Television

A MATV system is very similar to an IRS system but does not enable the use of satellite signals. In its simplicest form it will be an aerial on a house feeding two points. A more complex installation will involve a digital aerial, FM and DAB aerial (on one rig) to service any number of points. More

SMATV - Satellite Master Antenna Television

A SMATV system allows the owner of a building to control the type and quantity of channels to be sent through the coaxial cable network to the TVs in the building. A head-end unit is installed to receive the signals from a digital aerial, satellite dish or both. The head-end unit then processes the signals into a range of channels which have been pre-selected by the owner and distributes the selected channels to each individual point. More

CCTV Closed Circuit Television

An accepted part of everyday life, Closed Circuit Television gives the client the ability to view, and more importantly record events as they happen. Using a dedicated network of cameras over single or multiple sites it is possible to monitor, record and control activity from a central location. More

Door Entry

A door entry system can range from single door used by a small number of residents, to a fully integrated, digitally controlled security system providing multiple door access to a large number of residents. The systems can be designed to exact requirements with audio or video identification and key, code or proximity access. More

Access Control

The security of a building and the safety of the people living and working within it are of the utmost importance to any organisation. Our range of systems offer the latest innovations in access control technology. More

Induction Loops

Induction loop systems convert sound from microphones or audio sources such as HI-FIs or Televisions into an electro-magnetic signal which can be picked up by the hearing aid when its 'T-switch' is selected. This not only improves sound quality for the hearing aid wearer, it cuts out noise and other distracting sounds. More

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