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Television is becoming a more significant tool to assist learning, media and business studies students' benefit from 24hr News and Documentary Channels, Language students can improve their vocabulary and pronunciation through Foreign TV Broadcasts and Teachers can gain access to valuable support from channels such as Teachers TV and Open University productions. To ensure that TV's, plasma screens and projectors have the best possible pictures with the widest selection of programmes, please find below the three main installations carried out at educational establishments:

Analogue/Digital Aerials An analogue system will enable the establishment to receive TV channels 1-5 and FM Radio channels. The digital system will allow the installation of a digital Freeview box to receive the 30+ TV channels and the growing range of DAB broadcasts, including a wide range of 24hr News and Documentary Channels.

Sky Digital / Sky+ / Sky Free-to-air It is possible to view a wide selection of free-to-air channels from Sky. This is especially useful for establishments who want a range of free channels but struggle to receive an aerial signal. However, the main advantage of a Sky Digital Free-To-Air package over Freeview is the inclusion of Teachers TV and a small selection of Foreign Language Channels.

Fixed / Motorised Satellite Systems These systems receive signals from the variety of European and Middle Eastern satellites, which provide a large range of free and subscription channels. These will in particular appeal to Language departments but the availability of business orientated channels such as Bloomberg can broaden this appeal to other departments.

SMATV Satellite Master Antenna TV - This allows the integration of non-terrestrial channels into each workstation, these include Satellite, DVD, Video, CCTV and Text. SMATV systems are more often seen in hotels but are very useful to large language departments which may want to provide a range of foreign channels from different satellites to many separate workstations, all at once. Also of interest is the ability to "screen" educational materials and a computer generated information service. More on SMATV systems

Audio Visual - Our trained, dedicated friendly team work with our clients offering a wide and varied range of solutions in all types of locations. We offer Projectors, Projection Screens, LCD display Screens, Plasma Display Screens, and Digital Signage, alongside combined foreground and background music and public address systems.

CCTV Closed Circuit Television - An accepted part of everyday life, Closed Circuit Television gives you the ability to view, and more importantly record events as they happen. Using a dedicated network of cameras over single or multiple sites it is possible to monitor, record and control activity from a central location. More

Access Control - The security of a building and the safety of the people working within it are of the utmost importance to any organisation. Our range of systems offer the latest innovations in access control technology. More

Induction Loop Systems - Induction loop systems convert sound from microphones or audio sources such as HI-FI's or Televisions into an electro-magnetic signal which can be picked up by the hearing aid when its 'T-switch' is selected. This not only improves sound quality for the hearing aid wearer, it cuts out noise and other distracting sounds. More

Fire - Whether you have a fire risk assessment in place, a system design specification or are looking to have a complete system design and installation our team of project managers are able to help. CTS are also able to provide regular maintenance of existing systems to ensure compliance with UK legislation.

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