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There are many types of fire detection and alarm systems, each suited to different building types and applications. A fire alarm system can vary dramatically in both price and complexity, from a single panel with a detector and sounder in a small commercial property to an addressable fire alarm system in a multi-occupancy building. Systems have to protect both buildings and occupants. Commercial Technical Services are able to guide you through all these options and provide a solution which suits you, your business and your budget.

Fire Detection and Alarm Systems do however fall broadly into two groups - Conventional and Addressable.

In a typical Conventional Fire Alarm System the 'intelligence' of the system resides solely within the Fire Alarm Control Panel, which receives a trigger signal from a Conventional Detector or Call Point and in turn, signals the condition to other devices such as alarm sounders and remote signalling equipment.

Addressable Fire Detection and Alarm Systems differ from conventional systems in a number of ways and certainly add more flexibility, intelligence, speed of identification and scope of control. For this reason Addressable Systems are the natural choice for larger premises and more complex system requirements.

In an addressable system, detectors are wired in a loop around the building with each detector having its own unique 'address'. The system may contain one or more loops depending upon the size of the system and design requirements. As each detector has an individual 'address' the fire alarm control panel is able to display/indicate the precise location of the device in question.

There is a third and less conventional option, and that is with Wireless Fire Detection and Alarm Systems. The radio fire systems offer a viable alternative to the labour costs, refurbishment consequences and business disruption associated with installing wired fire systems in existing buildings. They are an ideal solution for retrofit and refurbishment applications in small to medium sized enterprises such as guest houses, hotels, restaurants, small offices.

Whether you have a fire risk assessment in place, a system design specification or are looking to have a complete system design and installation our team of project managers are able to help. CTS are also able to provide regular maintenance of existing systems to ensure compliance with UK legislation.

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