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Aerial Amplifiers (often called boosters) are used to increase and control the signal strength being received at the television to a level which the television can use to provide effective pictures. These levels are 60-80dB for analogue transmissions and 50-75dB for digital transmissions. There is a need to increase signal strength for two reasons:

1: The signal strength being received at the aerial is to lower than the required level so it needs to be increased using a booster.

2: Equipment connected as part of the system (cables, splitters, outlet plates) all reduce signal strength. Depending on the amount of equipment connected and the strength of the signal being received at the aerial an amplifier may be required to increase the strength.

Aerial amplifiers and boosters can be located on the aerial itself (masthead) or near to the TV (set-back). In commercial systems larger launch amplifiers are used to improve signal strength.

The important thing to remember about amplifiers and boosters is that they only increase signal strength and not quality. If there is noise in the signal being picked up by the aerial or by the equipment then this noise will be amplified also.

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