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An induction loop system converts sound from microphones or audio sources such as HI-FIs or Televisions into an electro-magnetic signal which can be picked up by the hearing aid when its 'T-switch' is selected. This not only improves sound quality for the hearing aid wearer, it cuts out noise and other distracting sounds.

Under the Building Regulations Part M1 and the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, aids to communication should be provided in areas used the general public. Of particular relevance in the commercial sector are Meeting Rooms, Reception Areas, Counters, Auditoria and TV Rooms.

CTS can supply, install and provide support for the four main types of commercial device:

Portable These are lightweight battery powered devices which can be ready to use in seconds. They can be easily stored or left in constant use through the mains power supply.

Counter A compact wall mounted amplifier, microphone and counter loop, it can generate a small and private loop listening field of approximately 1.2m making it ideal for counters and reception areas.

Room A wide variety of devices and installation methods are used to provide solutions for rooms of varying size and use. It is possible to link the systems into Televisions, Hi-Fis and Public Address systems.

Infra-Red An effective alternative to hard wired systems. This technology uses modulated, invisible infrared light to connect sound source and listener. Infrared is particularly useful where several sound sources are transmitted or where other induction loops are nearby.

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