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A door entry system can range from single door used by a small number of residents, to a fully integrated, digitally controlled security system providing multiple door access to a large number of residents. There are two types of phone used in door entry systems.

Audio Door Entry Phones – Often considered to be the “low cost” option, our audio door entry phones are by no means poor quality or unreliable, we prefer to call it the “good value” option. The audio system consists of an entrance panel which allows visitors to call a resident and be identified audibly via the intercom. The resident receives the call though a phone handset which has the facility of unlocking the main entrance door.

Video Door Entry Phones – This system offers a higher level of security than the audio system, as the resident is able to see and talk to the callers before opening the door. In this case the entrance panel has a small high resolution camera placed behind a protective glass shield. The audio and video signals are then received by the resident through a phone handset, in real time, with a mono or colour LCD display. Once the caller is visually identified the door can be opened by pressing a button on the handset.

As with all our security and TV installations they can work as part of an integrated system enabling the resident to view the camera images from the door and other CCTV cameras on their television.

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