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There are four distinct types of installation based around satellite TV reception, these are:

  1. Standard Satellite TV System as used in most domestic applications, usually with Sky, involving a dish, LNB and satellite receiver to provide a range of satellite channels to one subscriber.
  2. Motorised Satellite TV System as above, but the dish has a motor attached, to move it along the horizon in order to receive a range of satellites pre-programmed into a receiver.
  3. Satellite Master Antenna TV (SMATV) - A SMATV system allows the owner of a building to control the type and quantity of channels to be sent through the coaxial cable network to the TVs in the building. These systems are typically installed in hotels and holiday resorts to provide guests with a wider range of channels without incurring the extra cost and security issues of fitting Satellite or Freeview boxes in rooms. A head-end unit is installed to receive the signals from a digital aerial, satellite dish or both. The head-end unit then processes the signals into a range of channels which have been pre-selected by the owner and distributes the selected channels to each individual point.
  4. Integrated Reception System - IRS systems are the most commonly installed systems within multi-dwelling property developments where planning stipulates a limited number of aerials and dishes can be installed on the property. The IRS system is aimed at being a full digital reception system allowing residents to watch analogue and digital terrestrial television (Freeview), satellite channels (Sky digital) and it will also allow residents to receive FM and DAB (Digital Audio Band) radio. The system utilises one digital aerial, FM directional and DAB aerial (on one rig) and a satellite dish to service any number of points. A head-end unit is installed to receive, process and combine the signals and then distributes the signal through a digitally screened coaxial cable network to an outlet plate, which then separates the signal back into TV, Satellite and Radio.

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