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A video door entry system can range from single door used by a small number of residents, to a fully integrated, digitally controlled security system providing multiple door access to a large number of residents. The systems can be designed to exact requirements with audio or video identification and key, code or proximity access. All of the systems are designed with disabled users in mind but, we are also able to install video door entry systems which will meet the specific needs of disabled and hard of hearing residents.

Video door entry systems enable residents to see and talk to the callers before opening the door. The entrance panel has a small high resolution camera placed behind a protective glass shield. The audio and video signals are then received by the resident through a telephone handset, in real time, with a mono or colour LCD display. Once the caller is visually identified the door can be opened by pressing a button on the handset.

As with all our security and TV installations they can work as part of an integrated system enabling the resident to view the camera images from the door and other CCTV cameras on their television.

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