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Working as an installer to the hotel, holiday park and guesthouse industry has always been and will always be our core business. Our engineers have many years of experience of this sector and have an acute understanding of what your business requires to ensure complete satisfaction. .

Of particular importance right now for many businesses is the upgrade of TV systems. We now live in a digital age, the countdown to the digital switchover is underway and due to complete in 2012. Terrestrial channels 1-5 will no longer be broadcast in the standard analogue signal. The vast majority of your hotel guests watch digital television at home, and they are beginning to expect the same kind of service when they stay in a Hotel.

Now is the time to upgrade your television system to digital!

There is however no need to panic, it's not going to be as much hassle as you think. In the majority of cases an upgrade to the head-end is all that's required to provide a range of crystal clear pictures to your existing TV's through your existing cable network.

No longer will you have to deal with complaints about poor quality pictures or a limited channel selection. You will be able to stay in line with your competitors and choose the channels which best suit your guests. Please visit our website for more information.

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