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The installation of a Digital TV upgrades, Hotel Information Channel, Keycard Locks and Induction Loop systems will create the absolute minimum of disruption to the running of the business, and in most cases take no longer than two days to complete.

TV Systems

Digital Channel Upgrade - Our engineers will replace the existing aerial with a wideband digital aerial or satellite dish. We will then install a digital processing unit into the loft, store cupboard or office. The digital processing unit is about the size of a small briefcase and once programmed it will take the digital signal from the aerial, process the signal to produce the range of channels selected by the Hotel owner and output the signal in a format standard analogue TVs can use, through the existing cable network. The TVs are then retuned by the engineer at a time which suits the Hotel cleaning rota.

The advantages with this system are that we can provide excellent quality pictures from digital transmissions to 99% of the UK, the Hotel Owner has full control over the range of channels and it is possible to use the existing TV's.

Full Digital System This system distributes the complete Freeview signal to every television, providing the full range of 70+ TV and Radio channels with interactive services. Your customer will have the same Freeview Television experience they receive at home.

Our engineers will replace the existing aerial, install a digital signal filtering and amplification unit into the loft, store cupboard or office. Distribute the signal to the rooms using a new or existing cable network, and supply integrated Freeview LCD televisions.

No two systems are the same so we have to work flexibly, and as such, if your hotel does not have a TV system we can install a new one, if you have two systems we can often link them, or if you are in an area outside Freeview coverage - we can use satellite signals.

Hotel Information Channel Using the latest digital computer technology it is possible to introduce a dynamic scrolling hotel information channel. Imagine the additional revenues you can make by promoting hotel services through your own internal TV channel or the cost savings you can make as you will no longer need information packs in the rooms.

We will design for you a small presentation, using freely available software, which will run on a loop 24/7, through the TV system. You can either expand the presentation yourself or use a graphic designer to add that professional touch. Combining the computers massive storage capacity and the software programmes versatility it is possible to have thousands of pages, with background music, high quality pictures and video clips.

The information provided on the channel is entirely up to you, but it can include; channel listings, restaurant menus, drinks offers, additional hotel services and even advertising for other local businesses. The most important aspect of this system is that you can update or add new information instantly using a specially manufactured computer which we will fit into your reception or office.


The security of the hotel and the safety of the guests and staff are of the utmost importance to any hotelier. Our range of systems offer the latest innovations in CCTV, Access Control and Fire Detection and Alarm Systems.

One of the latest innovations is with Wireless Fire Detection and Alarm Systems. The radio fire systems offer a viable alternative to the labour costs, refurbishment consequences and business disruption associated with installing wired fire systems in existing buildings. They are an ideal solution for retrofit and refurbishment applications in small to medium sized enterprises such as guest houses, hotels and restaurants. Radio as a Fire System communication medium has been available for many years but at a high cost. Now, with the latest developments in wireless technology alongside significant improvements in reliability and security, ensures Radio is a cost-effective solution.

Whether you have a fire risk assessment in place, a system design specification or are looking to have a complete system design and installation our team of project managers are able to help. CTS are also able to provide regular maintenance of existing systems to ensure compliance with UK legislation.

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