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In most cases, if a service contained within a building is installed incorrectly or is improperly maintained, the faults will be obvious for all to see. False alarms, error messages, poor signals all highlight problems. But the correct operation of a Lightning Protection System (LPS) only becomes obvious in the instant that it is called into action.

For this reason, the correct installation and maintenance of a LPS is vital to the integrity of a building. Commercial Technical Services is qualified to provide testing, inspection, maintenance and certification of existing lightning protection systems, ensuring that your building, the people and electronic equipment within it and those around it are kept as safe as possible.

Our service includes a visual survey of the systems and testing of the conductor's continuity and resistance to earth. Using the information gathered on site we are able to compile a detailed report of our findings and remedial works required if any, upon a satisfactory survey a certificate of compliance will be issued.

BS EN 62305-2006 recommends that lightning protection systems should be inspected and tested at fixed intervals, preferably not exceeding a 12 month period. Commercial Technical Services can support your organisation with meeting these requirements.

We work alongside one of the UK's leading lightning protection manufacturers, Furze, to ensure that all installed equipment are of the highest quality.

As you might expect from a company with a background in installing television antenna arrays, we are experts in working at heights. Our services involve all types of `off- the-ground work`, requiring our engineers to be fully trained to safely undertake tasks utilising; ladders, platforms and cradles.

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