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A MATV system is very similar to an IRS system but does not enable the use of satellite signals. In its simplest form it will be an aerial on a house feeding two points. A more complex installation will involve a digital aerial, FM and DAB aerial (on one rig) to service any number of points.

A launch amplifier is installed to receive, process and combine the signals and then distributes the signal through a digitally screened coaxial cable network to an outlet plate, which then separates the signal back into TV or Radio.

Typically a MATV system was cabled using a single "trunk" feed cable which is then tapped off in groups of 1-8 points. However, it is becoming more popular to cable this kind of installation using a "star" network which feeds a larger number of points in zones fed directly from the aerial rig.

The main advantage of this network is that it is more cost effective to upgrade to an IRS system in the future.

These days MATV systems are usually only installed in affordable housing or Public Sector establishments such as prisons or hospitals, where cost and viewing restrictions apply. The lower cost of these systems has no effect on our approach to providing the design and installation, we will work very closely with you to ensure you receive the best service possible.

MATV systems were popular in housing developments before the advent of SKY and IRS systems. Commercial Television Systems is currently working alongside Housing Associations and Councils in programmes to upgrade or replace existing communal MATV systems to IRS networks.

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