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Switchable Systems

These are channel isolation systems which will enable you to turn-off channels to wings, floors and in some cases cells, if required. By placing a switching unit in an "officer only" secure location it is possible to have direct control of the TV distribution system by remotely turning off power to amplifiers and channels.

SMATV Satellite Master Antenna TV

This allows the integration and isolation of non-terrestrial channels into each cell, these include Satellite, DVD, Video, CCTV and Text. These systems are more often seen in hotels, which include a wider range of channels available from a standard terrestrial aerial. Of particular interest is the ability to "screen" movies, educational materials and a computer generated information service. By integrating this system into a switchable system it is possible to decide which wings/floors/cells can watch a film and which cannot. More

Digital Upgrades

The timetable for turning off analogue transmitters is now underway, so many establishments are pre-empting this by upgrading their aerial systems now. A digital upgrade does not mean that analogue televisions will no longer work as both systems operate side-by-side.

New Installations

There is currently a large amount of prisons undergoing renovation and expansion works, we have a great deal of experience in installing new RF networks.

CTS are able to undertake contracts of work either independently, or operate as a subcontractor. We are also able to offer ongoing maintenance and support services.

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