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Warden call systems are designed to provide sheltered schemes housing elderly or disabled residents with a permanent and instant route of communication to a warden, nurse or scheme manager. By installing a call unit conveniently located within the home, linked directly to a manned control centre residents can be assured that assistance is only a moment away.

In the event of a medical emergency, time is everything and a patient needs to be able to alert the warden on call to a problem quickly. The systems are therefore designed with easy operation in mind. In the event of an emergency, either pressing an alarm button or pulling a cord on the nurse call unit can summon the warden on call. Once triggered, the nurse call alarm systems will send a warning signal to the resident warden requesting assistance and repeat the call until a response is received.

The systems can be wired as a complete integrated solution with a common radio communicator installed within the building, or separate stand alone units, each transmitting its own signals direct to the control centre.

Warden Call systems are flexible and can monitor as many properties as you require, this may not necessarily be within the same location. Utilising Commercial Technical Services experience in other areas we are able to interconnect the warden call with other security systems such as fire, door entry and access control. From design, installation to certification, Commercial Technical Services will ensure that you receive a quality service.

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